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We started our business in 1991 at Pets Paradise Jalandhar. Many people do not have enough knowledge about pets and aquarium keeping, resulting in common public losing interest in this hobby soon after they start it. This is the main reason why we at Pets Paradise came up with the idea of creating this site to help hobbyist by sharing what we know about pets keeping and their well being.

It is not at all necessary that you need to buy some products from us to get a piece of information, and you can always feel free to call us for any kind of information or advise regarding aquarium tanks or fishes. We would be more then happy to answer your queries regarding aquarium keeping. We have a team of highly trained workforce who can take care of all your aquarium needs and we assure you of prompt and vest service in the all over Punjab.

“We request you to encourage your kids to develop some hobby, so that their mind is kept occupied in some constructive work during their spare time and Pets keeping can be one of the best hobbies in that!”