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Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are lively, gentle and responsive pets, particularly if handled frequently at a young age. Their typical response to perceived danger is “freeze or flight,” tending to become very still when frightened or, alternatively, to make an explosive attempt at escape. However, they are rarely aggressive.

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Product Description

Guinea pigs do not tolerate sudden changes in diet or environment. Their food preferences are established early in life, and they often refuse to eat if their food is changed in type or presentation, a condition, which can be potentially life threatening.

Eating Feces: Guinea pigs perform coprophagy, or cecotrophy, about 150 to 200 times per day. This is a normal part of maintaining a healthy digestive tract, and animals that are unable to eat the soft, cecal feces directly from the rectum will lose weight, fail to thrive, and are prone to fecal impaction. Obese or pregnant animals that cannot reach their rectum need to have access to the cecal feces on the floor of the cage. Therefore wire bottom cages that allow feces to fall out of reach are not appropriate in these animals.


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