Dalmatian gets its name from the place where the first illustrations were found. Dalmatia is situated on the eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea, which is the modern day Croatia. However, there are no written records that can prove that the breed originated here other than the illustrations.

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When one thinks of a quirky looking dog, a Dalmatian comes straight into the mind. These lovable, large sized white dogs are one of the best known and well recognised dogs in the world. Adorable to look at and with an aura of a Mascot, Dalmatians were one of the first breeds that former President George Washington bred himself.

If you are a proud owner of this energetic breed or if you are planning to get a Dalmatian as a family pet, you are making an exciting decision. We bring to you all the aspects that you will have to keep in mind before getting a Dalmatian so that you are able to provide an environment that develops a healthy dog and a long lasting companionship.

One of the most unique features of a Dalmatian are the unique spots. Dalmatian puppies are not born with spots. As they mature, the spots become more prominent. For some dogs, the spots may be scattered, while for others the entire body will be covered in spots. The Dalmatians have a lot of spots, even at the insides of their mouth.

Dalmatians are blessed with a stocky body and strong muscles. The strong muscular body helps the dogs run with ease and does not tire them at all. Dalmatians are also known to be selective listeners and extremely independent and stubborn in nature.


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