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Dachshund, Dachs mean Badger and the Hund stands for dog. These were developed to hunt for badgers and rabbits and hence the name.

Product Description

This is a fun dog for the complete family with its comical features. Do not be fooled by the size of this scent hound, they have exceptional amount of courage, which they are not afraid to show in front of strangers. They can trail smells to a large extent and their sensitive nose can follow the trail even after its cold. Their long and slim body helped them to get inside the tight tunnels and borrows easily to catch the animals. Their versatility makes them an adorable breed.

They come in various coat options as well from smooth coat to wire haired to long haired Daschund. Whatever you choose they are guaranteed to be fun. Dachshunds have a unique shape. You have to remember one thing that with the different shape arise certain difficulties as well. This may not be the ideal breed if he or she has to come go up and down the stairs a lot of time.

The small and compact shape of the Dachshund gives rise to some unique issues in the pet. The lung for starter is larger for a small size dog. Their chest cavity on the contrary is a like a barrel, this gives them a loud and deep bark. If you hear it for the first time then you might thing that it coming from a much larger dog.

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