Chow Chow

One of the most unique aspects of a Chow Chow is its black and blue tongue. If you are a novice owner, you will have to be prepared to see a Chow Chow puppy’s pink tongue turn blue black as they grow up.

Product Description

As the Chow Chow raised its head, it tasted the blue sky and so the colour of the tongue.   Another unique feature of the Chow Chow is its straight hind legs which can swing back and forth like a pendulum. Also unlike other dogs, a Chow Chow has a denture of 44 teeth as compared to other breeds which have 42 teeth.

Chow Chow as they are popularly known are one of the most beautiful and admired dogs in the world and are considered a bona fide head turner. Chow Chow as a breed originated in Northern China where they have been known as Songshi Quan  which in literal translation means “puffy lion dog”. On first glance, the dog looks like a cross between a lion and a bear as it has a beautiful mane of fur around its head and the facial features resemble that of a bear.

if you are planning to get one as a family pet, you are making a wise decision. We bring to you all the aspects that you will have to keep in mind before getting a Chow Chow so that you are able to provide an environment that develops a healthy dog and a long lasting companionship.



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