british bulldog

British Bulldog

British Bulldogs are an extremely heavy and powerful dogs. Their heavy body and short legs do not make them suitable for swimming, so as a pet parent to a Bulldog, please do not drop them in a pool as they would drown like a stone! 

Product Description

British Bulldogs are extremely confident dogs and as a result they often land in trouble. Extremely tenacious in nature. One will be hard pressed to find a dog with a more loving and sweet disposition. British Bulldogs gained popularity amongest children after they were featured as the ferocious neighbor to Tom and Jerry in the cartoon series.

If you are the owner of this breed or are planning to get one as a family pet, you are making a brave but inspiring decision. We bring to you some of the aspects that you will have to keep in mind when  getting a Bulldog to help you understand the physical and temperamental built of this breed.


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