The origin may not be certain but you will soon know where do their draw their name from. Beagle draws its name from the French name Begueule, which means open throat; this ideally refers to the baying sound the hounds make when they are in the pursuit of a prey ideally in games.

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One of the most adorable and popular breeds in the world, a Beagle is a member of the scent hound family. The name Beagle has been derived from the French word Beguele, meaning deep throat. English Beagles are small, compact and extremely healthy a breed and make wonderful companions and family dogs.   One of the most famous Beagle has been Charles M Schulz Snoopy, the beloved dog from the cartoon strip Peanuts where Snoopy is the faithful, erudite pet of Charlie Brown. The breed later gained popularity when the movie “Cats & Dogs” and “Shiloh” portrayed Beagles as their lead actors. If you are the owner of this breed or are planning to get one as a family pet, you are making a brave decision.

Beagles are one of the most beloved breeds in the world and it is often difficult to escape of the charming and upbeat temperament of a Beagle’s beautiful eyes and expressions. Happy, outgoing, social and loving, Beagles make excellent family pets and make friends with the turn of their head.   Since they belong to the Hound family, Beagles are extremely inquisitive and are always on a search for an interesting trail to pursue.


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