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African Grey Parrot

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The African Grey Parrot is a medium-sized, predominantly grey, black-billed parrot which weighs 400 gm, with a length of 33 cm and an average wingspan of 46–52 cm. The Congo subspecies is a lighter grey, darker grey over the head and both wings, while the head and body feathers have a slight white edge to them. The tail feathers are red. The Timneh subspecies is a darker gray and has a dark maroon colored tail as well as having a portion of their beak being light pink in color.

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They are mostly frugivorous, most of their diet consists of fruit, nuts, and seeds. The species prefers oil palm fruit and will also eat flowers, tree bark, as well as insects and snails. In captivity it can eat sunflower seeds, bird pellets, a variety of fruits such as pears, orange, pomegranate, apple, and banana, and vegetables such as carrots, cooked sweet potato, celery, fresh kale, peas, and green beans.

The species is common in captivity and is regularly kept by humans as a companion parrot, prized for its ability to mimic human speech, which makes it one of the most popular avian pets. They are notorious for mimicking noises around their environment and using them tirelessly.

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